LifeWise Capabilities

Demand Side Platform
LifeWise can manage our advertiser’s digital advertising inventory to interact with multiple programmatic ad exchanges and data exchange accounts through one platform

Machine Learning Functionality
Our technology allows users to train our systems and provide the first party data that enables precise targeting

Lifestyle Audience Aggregation
Users curate and train the system to instruct our platform of their lifestyle commitments and the types of products and services they are most likely to purchase and the merchants they love

Scalable Data Management Platform
Powerful secure database on AWS assures continuity, safety, speed and scalability

Location/Preference/Behavior Targeting
Users indicate preferences, swipe to save, block, share, real time location connections

Real Time Bidding Platform
Fully functional real time bidding capabilities interacts with top exchanges and presents ads to the best targets on multiple platforms

Digital Media Outlets
Access to proprietary and third-party mobile applications and web platforms